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Sunday, August 28th
The welcome reception will take place at the Centre des Congrès Pierre Baudis, after the Rank Prize lecture given by Pr. Stanislas Dehaene.

Monday, August 29th
A reception, courtesy of the Toulouse Municipality, will be held in its impressive Salle des Illustres, in the City Hall of the Capitole. The number of attendees for the reception is limited to 500 and tickets will be distributed on the first days of the conference, on a first come, first served basis.

Monday, August 29th
At 21h, a concert will be held by the early music ensemble "Les Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse" in the Basilique St Sernin, one of the most impressive examples of Romanesque church architecture, built between 1080 and 1120. The Sacqueboutiers will be performing a program of 17th century Italian music by composers such as Claudio Monteverdi, Andrea Gabrielli and Girolamo Frescobaldi.

Wednesday, August 31th
The flower is one of the symbol of Toulouse and the city's colour is the violet since 1985, which is the date when the appellation "Violet of Toulouse" has become a registered brand. The "Maison de la Violette" * will be here all Wednesday long at the congress center in the Caravelle room, to present the flower and surprising creations imagined by artisans chosen for their knowledge and the quality of their processes of production.

Wednesday, August 31th
The banquet dinner will be held in the historical Salle des Colonnes and Salle des Pelerins at the Hotel Dieu St. Jacques, a Toulouse landmark on the banks of the Garonne River in the center of city. Owned by the Hospitals of Toulouse, it is a perfect illustration of the network of resting places catering for the pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella.

Thursday, September 1st
We are planning a farewell party on the thursday evening, organised by the students in the lab. We will be organising a picnic at a local lake that will be followed by a party at a nearby club - La Voile Blanche. Transport will be provided as well as food and drinks. Those of you who would like to attend could send an email to here.

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