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presentation Posters

All posters will be exhibited in the main room of the ground floor, called the CARAVELLE room. Authors with odd poster numbers are expected to present their work during the morning session. Authors with even poster numbers are expected to present their work during the afternoon session. More details about the arrangements and formats of the posters will be published on the website in the coming weeks.

3D perception I 3D perception II 3D perception III Attention III
Attention I Attention II Eye-movement II Eye-movement III
Face processing I Eye-movement I Face processing III Colour perception II
Brain mechanisms I Face processing II Brain mechanisms II Illusions II
Colour perception I Clinical I Clinical II Models and applied vision II
Memory and learning I Memory and learning II Illusions I Spatial vision II
Motion I Motion II Models and applied vision I Emotions
Aging Multisensory processing I Spatial vision I Art and vision
Natural scenes Consciousness Multisensory processing II Perception and action
Time perception

       MONDAY 29th    
"3D Perception I"

"Attention I"

"Face processing I"

"Brain mechanisms I"

"Colour perception I"

"Memory and learning I"

"Motion I"


"Natural scenes"

"Time perception"

       TUESDAY 30th    
"3D Perception II"

"Attention II"

"Eye-movements I"

"Face processing II"

"Clinical I"

"Memory and learning II"

"Motion II"

"Multisensory processing I"


       WEDNESDAY 31st    
"3D perception III"

"Eye-movements II"

"Face processing III"

"Brain mechanisms II"

"Clinical II"

"Illusion I"

"Models and applied vision I"

"Spatial vision I"

"Multisensory processing II"

       THURSDAY 1st    
"Attention III"

"Eye-movements III"

"Colour perception II"

"Illusions II"

"Models and applied vision II"

"Spatial vision II"


"Art and vision"

"Perception and action"

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