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presentation Symposia

We thank the many people who made suggestions for symposia. The committee has selected 5 symposia, and one mini-symposium. In addition, there will be two other symposia on Sunday the 28th as part of a joint session with the Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization meeting.

"Deforming shapes - deformable templates" (Sunday 28th, Auditorium 9:00-11:30, with the APGV)
Co-chairs: Qasim Zaidi (USA), Martin Giese (Germany)

"Computer Vision & Biological Vision" (Sunday 28th, Auditorium 14:30-17:00, with the APGV)
Chair: Simon Thorpe (France)

"Rhythms of Perception and Attention" (Monday 29th, Auditorium 9:00-11:00)
Co-chairs: Ayelet Landau (Germany), Rufin VanRullen (France)

"Synaesthesia in focus - Examining behaviour and the brain beyond colour perception" (Tuesday 30th, Auditorium 9:00-11:00)
Chair: Anina Rich (Australia)

"Perceving other's actions" (mini-symposium) (Tuesday 30th, Auditorium 14:00-15:30)
Co-chairs: Günther Knoblich (Netherlands), Chloë Farrer (France)

"Gestalts in the brain" (Wednesday 31st, Auditorium 9:00-11:00)
Co-chairs: Johan Wagemans (Belgium), Hans OpDeBeeck (Belgium)

"How do spontaneous fluctuations shape visual perception?" (Thursday 1st, Auditorium 9:00-11:00)
Co-chairs: Hakwan Lau (Canada), Floris de Lange (Netherlands)

"Processing of visual space" (Thursday 1st, Cassiopée 9:00-11:00)
Co-chairs: Franck Bremmer (Germany), Yves Trotter (France)

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